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3D Room Names in Navisworks

Room names, or room tags, that are placed on architectural design drawings do not get much attention once placed—kind of like a chicken in Ron Popeil’s “Set it and forget it” rotisserie oven.

Traditionally, room names are an essential part of the construction coordination process, allowing team members to easily locate and identify what they are looking at in the building while reading the plans. Yet, from Autodesk’s modeling software Revit, room tags do not come through in a 3D view, nor do the room names appear when imported into a Navisworks coordination model. This leaves modelers, VDC coordinators and field personnel without an efficient way to identify where they are located in the model in order to navigate or effectively communicate where a conflict resides other than providing a general area within the building with relation to column/grid lines.

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To combat this issue during our BIM coordination efforts, H3D Solutions borrowed @Jeffrey A. Pinheiro’s The Revit Kid application of automatically placing a 3D room tag in all rooms with the use of an automated script in Dynamo, Autodesk’s visual programming language. Doing so has given our modelers and coordinators an effective and efficient solution to one of Revit’s many nuances. Now, during our BIM coordination meetings, our internal and external team members can simply look down toward the center of the room to find their location within the building.

Our BIM-loving superintendents especially appreciate this trick.

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Throughout a project, whether one is modeling or coordinating, valuable time is saved with this workaround, as it allows our team to avoid the hassle of switching back and forth between plan views, second screens, or PDF drawings.

If you are a modeler in Revit or running BIM coordination meetings in Navisworks, with the investment of an hour or less, you can build and implement this Dynamo script into your process, and it will prove beneficial to your team.

Once implemented, all models will have this stellar workaround applied to their Revit and Navisworks models within seconds, providing everyone interacting with your model a more efficient method to locate their position within it.

The Revit family and Dynamo script are both super easy to build from The Revit Kid’s full video tutorial here.

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