Sectioning for Coordination in Navisworks

Often during coordination meetings to drill into a clash or other construction issue it is critical to focus on the effected building elements while still maintaining context for the building around it.

As with most other Autodesk products there are about six ways of doing this, for example, selecting and hiding all of the unselected components, turning certain components transparency down or section boxes. Those have their merits, but today we are going to highlight using section planes to drill into the area of focus.

To get to the Section Plane Settings dialog box, ensure the Enable Sectioning box is selected on the Viewpoint tab, then go to the Sectioning Tools tab and click the flyout arrow on the Planes Settings panel.


During coordination meetings it is handy to have this Section Plane Settings window open at its default state that has a section plan for each side of a cube in the space of the project.

You can turn on each plane individually and if it is selected you can use the Transform tools to move or rotate that plane.


This works similarly to the Section Box tool, but it is easier to manipulate each plane individually, rather than scaling and moving the box which can become cumbersome, especially while running a meeting. You can also link any of the planes together which allows you to use something like a half cube or sandwich of planes to cut out portions of the building not needed for the issue at hand.

When your building model does not fit in the standard box configuration each plane has an option in its dropdown menu to “Align to Surface” that can match sloped or angled surfaces and keeps the workflow very smooth. You can even align to multiple planes to individual surfaces really to home in on an area of interest.